New Curriculum and Reporting

Proficiency Scale
Student Reporting Policy
In the 2018/19 school year, the Ministry launched a K-9 Student Reporting Policy Pilotinformed by research on effective practices and developed following extensive engagement with parents and educators. This was created to support new approaches to reporting, which included a move from event-style report cards to more timely and flexible communication with parents; a replacement of  letter grades with a strength-based four-point provincial proficiency scale and descriptive feedback; and greater emphasis on student reflection and self-assessment of the Core Competencies to increase student engagement and ownership. (Ministry of Education)
Proficiency Scale
Our students are developing an understanding of the Core Competencies in the three ares of: Communication, Thinking, and Personal/Social Responsibility. The following materials can help develop these understandings.
Our district is rolling out the new Reporting Policy for K-9 students this year.  For more information please visit this Ministry of Education link.