What to Do

Steps Towards Graduation . . .
  1. As a starting point use the calendar on the Events and Information page to keep track of upcoming dates to make note of. Look at the websites of institutions that you are interested in and keep track of these.
2. Complete your Post Secondary Institution selections. This will indicate which institutions you are considering for your studies and allow them access to your transcripts once needed. For instructions open the Student Transcripts Request pdf below.  The link to the site is found at the here.  
3. Look to the Scholarships and Bursaries page for information on the scholarships and bursaries that you may be eligible for.  There are many listed so it is wise to create a list of what is applicable for you, the awards you have applied for, or the ones that you have to apply for at a later date.  
4.  Map out your future on MyBlueprint. With surveys, career information, institution information and a portfolio section this is a valuable website to explore.
Also, please refer to the document below to ensure that you have all of the required credits for graduation.
5. When it is time to apply for post secondary the site you need to visit is Education Planner BC. This site provides research and planning options for you AND it is the best place to start your application process once you determine what your path is.  This will save you time when applying to institutions that are associated with Education Planner BC.  
Study Block Application
Study Block
For graduating students looking for transcripts for applying to post-secondary please head here.
* you will need your Personal Education Number for this request.