Announcements October 13, 2021


Wednesday  October 13, 2021. 



  1. Snack Shack will be open at lunch today. 
  1. All students who took art in the second semester last year please come to the art room to collect your projects. Projects will be held until Monday Oct. 18th. 


  1. Junior Girls, Grade 9 girls and Junior Boys volleyball practice today. 


  1. Musical Theatre Class this Thursday at Lunch in the Drama Room.  Attendance for all enrolled in the   class is mandatory.  The class will take all of lunch so bring your food! See you then! 


  1. A reminder for all students that the only time students should be at the Smoke Pit is before and after school and lunchtime. Students should NEVER be in the smoke pit during class time, even when on a break. Teachers, please remind students on breaks, that they are not to be in the smoke pit. This also includes students who are at YouLearn or do not have a specific class. No students in the smoke pit during class time period. 


  1. While we’re on the topic of the smoke Pit...The garbage! People, clean up after yourselves, it’s a very simple thing to do and the only place anyone should be smoking or vaping is with their behinds on the fence.  


  1. The junior field hockey team battled hard in a losing effort against Pen-Hi last night. There were lots of good performances by this tough little team. Maia Bellingan had a great game for SOSS. 


  1. The senior field hockey team evened the score in the last minutes of their game against Summerland yesterday with a goal from Phi Thai. She and Anabel Lefebrve were both dangerous on attack yesterday. The juniors take on Maggie today at 4:00. The seniors have practice after school.