Announcements January 11th 2019






  1. Students are reminded to check the exam schedule and report any conflicts to Mrs. Andrews in the office ASAP. 


  1. Any students interested in exploring a career with the RCMP?  The RCMP Youth academy in Vernon in early May is a great way to do it.  Applications close for this great program on  January 31.  See Mr. Kitt for details. 


  1. A girls necklace has been found in the gym.  Must be identified to claim it at the office. 


  1. Calling all grads! Please check your school email for a very important message. If you’re not sure how to access your school email, please see Ms. G ASAP! (please leave in until Monday) 


  1.  Prom committee will be meeting next Tuesday at lunch in room 105 (please leave in until Tuesday) 


  1. Today in the Caf it is Pizza and Monday will be Chroizo Hot Dogs and Tomato Basil Soup.