Schedules for Next Year

Please find your schedule for next year in your Student Portal. To check your schedule you will login to MyEd using your s53lastnamefirstname and your password. Once logged in you will stay on the Home Page and it will be published as a PDF report just like your Report Card. Here are instructions for MyEd. 


We ask that you review your courses for the following: 

Do you have all blocks in your timetable filled or is there a missing class? 

Do you have the correct courses? 

Do you need to repeat a course that we don't know about? 


Please note that we will not make course changes based on the teacher or friends being in the class. 


If you need to make a change in your schedule please use this form to request the change. You will need to include all information to help us make the change. DO NOT come to the counselling office for these changes as you will not get help, all changes are made using the form and you will be notified of the changes through your school Teams account.